Life is made of a long series of repetitive moments. The only difference possible is the way you look at them.

Monsieur Cuq á la Commanderie de Vaour oil on canvas
Monsieur Cuq á la Commanderie de Vaour.

Painting is a form of resilience and resistance. I cannot separate my work from my existence and I cannot separate my existence from the society I live in.

Non diventerò mai il “Sisifo Felice” di Camus.


Main exhibitions and more

2022“Atelier Pop-Up”. Ex-Antigone Gallery. A three months open painting and printing studio.

2022 Sketchmob in Dolceacqua”. First sketchmob organised in Dolceacqua by A. Roux and L. Ficara

2022 – “S1 – Frohnau” Solo exhibition. Curator: Giulia Zorzi. Micamera Bookstore – Via Medardo Rosso 19, Milano

2019“Mettersi a nudo” Solo exhibition – Cascina Nuovo Armenia – Cultural Association – Via Livigno 9, Milan.

2017“Per Anna” Solo exhibition – Comptoir Maya – Artistic Circle – 15 rue Saint Louis

2014/2016Graphic designer at NGO Wombere France, 50 Route de Bellefeuille Couffouleux.

2013 Artistic intervention – Festival Unisens – Rabastens

2011/2012 Organisation and activities – Compagnie du Morse Theater and Dance – Grazac

2009Guest of Honour – Annual Art Exhibition – Artevas Ass. – Trebas Town Hall

2008“Dai colori alla gente” Solo Exhibition – Division Départementale du Ministére de la Jeunesse et des Sports des Alpes-Maritimes – Bureau 3000, St Laurent du Var.

2008“Alt! Il corpo é mio” Collective Exhibition. Curators: Donatella Airoldi and Mavi Ferrando. Quintocortile Gallery, via Col di Lana 9 – Milan

2007Management and artistic curation: Henri Willem Gallery. Bargemon

2007“Seconda Fira d´Art” Collective Exhibition. Curators : Association Desat’Art – Plaça Icaria, Figueres.

2007“109 Atelier Fourth Anniversary” Collective Exhibition. Atelier 109, 39-41 rue Leon Noel, Cannes

2007Cineffable. 19th Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival – Trianon Paris – Performance and collective exhibition.

2006TèkélArt. Creations, Crafts and Artworks. Montreuil.

1995-2002“Il Geco Crudo” Mosaics workshop. Via Panfilo Castaldi , Milano

Picture of me during first pandemic.

Short Bio :

Born in Milan (Italy)

January 19, 1968

1986 – Classic High School
“Giuseppe Parini” Milan

1987 – 1988
Art and Music History Course, Faculty of Letters, Milan State University

NOTES: Self-taught in arts. Self-taught in life. Anarchist.