The most part of the life is composed by a long series of identical instants. 

The only difference possible is the way you look at them.
Monsieur Cuq á la Commanderie de Vaour
Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Daughter of art.

I grew up immersed into, submerged by, exalted, over stimulated perhaps, by artists. Brera , ’70 – ’90. Milan.

I experienced art as the raise and the fall of human beings.

I kept the fierce critic, the father inside. Contrast. Conflict. Confusion. Advancing like Crabs.

No, non diventerò mai il Sisifo Felice del mio beneamato Camus.

The city: the alienating empty spaces, the social distance [ n.d.A. I wrote that before the first pandemia 2020 ], the price attached to everything, cities like long shopping malls.

My subject are stuck aside the city. There is no overlapping zone in between them and the city. They might even have lost their shadows running away from demons and monsters.

A dismissed struggle, a frozen tragedy in the grey, immobile tones.

Painting is a form of resilience and resistance. I cannot separate my work from my existence and I cannot separate my existence from the society I live in. Camus and his vision of an artist inspired me.

“Pourquoi créer si ce n’est pour donner un sens à la souffrance, fût-ce en disant qu’elle est inadmissible? La beauté surgit à cet instant des décombres de l’injustice et du mal. La fin suprême de l’art est alors de confondre les juges, de supprimer toute accusation et de tout justifier, la vie et les hommes, dans une lumière qui n’est celle de la beauté que parce qu’elle est celle de la vérité. Aucune grande œuvre de génie n’a jamais été vraiment fondée sur la haine ou le mépris. En quelque endroit de son cœur, à quelque moment de son histoire, le vrai créateur finit toujours par réconcilier.”

Why create if not to give meaning to suffering, if not by saying that it is unacceptable? Beauty emerges at this moment from the rubble of injustice and evil. The supreme purpose of art is to confuse judges, to remove all accusations and to justify life and mankind in a light that is only that of beauty because it is that of truth. No great work of genius was ever truly founded on hatred or contempt. Somewhere in his heart, at some point in his history, the true creator always ends up reconciling.

Les Carnets. (OCIII, 903-04). Camus.

For these reasons today, above all, I think that painting requires courage


Short bio

Born in Milan (Italy) on January 19, 1968
Address: Elsenstrasse 41, 12435 Berlin, Germany.
Email: lupeficara[@]


1986 – Literary Baccalaureate
“Giuseppe Parini” Classic High School – Milan – Italy
1987 – 1989
Art and Music History Course – Faculty of Art History of the Milan State University

Punk anarchist self-education never ended, is still ongoing. Self-taught in plastic arts, I nevertheless followed the directives of my father, Franz Ficara, well-known painter and his friends.
Italian, French and English.