Over the years, I have been working, researching, coping with the social rules that today connect or destroy the relationship between the painter and the audience. I finally ended up with a fundamental question: does painting still make any sense?
The art of painting will probably always make sense, such a non-verbal perfect communication, existing since ever, it has its own sense.

Monsieur Cuq á la Commanderie de Vaour Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

The ultra-liberal laws of the market end up no longer affecting only art trade, but also the artistic methods and processes that constitute art, the ways in which artistic works are spread and perceived.

Therefore a certain part of the market becomes elitist and the largest part of the common public is driven to be a passive spectator of great events, kept somehow far from the artistic production and the artists. And finally, the general cultural level is impoverished, the public taste is completely flattened and, as an icing on the cake, even the word “artist” is somehow emptied of meaning, too often used inappropriately.

That’s why artists, in my opinion, should be part of groups, currents, movements. In this way they would be continuously recognized, challenged, excluded or legitimated, and surely they would help art in growing and evolving in much more diffused and differentiated ways. But we seem to have lost the habit of being part of groups. And apparently also the desire to belong to them. As if the individualistic model of our society had distorted the art world, in which collaboration used to be a fundamental part of the whole process.

For these reasons today, above all, I think that painting is a form of resistance. It requires courage


Short bio

Born in Milan (Italy) on January 19, 1968
Address: 4 rue Botzaris, 75019 Paris, France
Phone: 0033. – 0039.3802110977 (Whatsapp)


1986 – Literary Baccalaureate
“Giuseppe Parini” Classic High School – via Goito 16 Milan – Italy
1987 – 1989
Art and Music History Course – Faculty of Art History of the Milan State University
Self-taught in plastic arts, I nevertheless followed the directives of my father, Franz Ficara, painter and honorary member
of the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan, and his friends.
Italian, French and English