Tree. December

A frozen tree in the winter. Acrylic on paper.
Acrylic on paper A4.

An illustration for Serpent

One of my paintings illustrating a magazine article in Serpent, November 2020 issue.

“Serpent is a self-published magazine for poor writers and poets in Berlin Neukölln, founded in 2017. One focus of the magazine is to condemn everything (e.g. growing up in the province, young people and their hobbies, the ugliness of this city).”

T. M. Editor.

You can download Serpent here.

Mother and son

Acrylic on paper A4

Domestic Violence

Acrylic on paper A4

The Spree N.2

Acrylic on paper A4

Seek and hide – aka 1312

Acrylic on paper A4

Hills in town

Acylic on paper A4

Autumn on the Spree

Acrylic on paper A4

Somehow you.

Acrylic on paper A4


Acrylic and marker on paper A4