Last works

I resti dell’auto da fé

Alla periferia di Lecce.

Oil on canvas. 30 x 40 cm.
“Ammazzare il tempo non si può senza riempirlo di occupazioni che colmino quel vuoto. E poiché pochi sono gli uomini capaci di guardare con fermo ciglio in quel vuoto, ecco la necessità sociale di fare qualcosa, anche se questo qualcosa serve appena ad anestetizzare la vaga apprensione che quel vuoto si ripresenti in noi.”

E. Montale

Il pruno

A landscape is the millions of landscapes I have seen.
Plum Tree - oil on wood - 21cm x 20cm
The Plum Tree. Oil on wood board – 20 x 21 cm
To see is to preserve, to stack one layer on top of the other, hundreds of thousands of images. 

Ugly pics, classic tourists shots, beautiful photographs, one-second or one-hour long shots. All images, every second of the life.

Until one detail sums up all the experiences in a larger one, an image like a graphic word, the famous sense of the universal that we all share, "tutti, i belli e i brutti".

Art is the highest form of democracy.

Only very few of my landscapes are painted full air, and none from pictures, although I save inspirational pictures and I can sometime use them as a fast visual support or reminder.

This Plum Tree, for example, come from the inner world.

Il melone d’inverno

The winter melon.
Oil on wood board. 21 cm x 20cm .

Il sentiero inselvatichito

Oil on wooden board. 21 x 21 cm.


One way to showcase my works in virtual rooms.

My painting in Modern Poster Mockup #17 by Anthony Boyd Graphics
My painting in Modern Poster Mockup #13 by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Autoritratto con la brutta cera.

Acrylic on wooden board. 100cm x 80cm

What worse then loosing yourself?

Life is this unbelievable sequence of shows. On stage, the decorations change, the script repeat itself.

Bomb on the tower.

Acrylic on paper – A4

Tree. December

A frozen tree in the winter. Acrylic on paper.
Acrylic on paper A4.

Tree. November

Acrylic on carton. A4

Milan by night

Acrylic on carton. A4.