Available works

Tourette sur loup

Un´alba fauvista

On a September morning, at dawn, we were going to a flea market. The sky colors were so violent that I thought: if I paint them, nobody will believe they´re real. It is a Fauvist morning at Tourette sur Loup

2019 – Acrylic on wood – 30cm x 48,5cm – 300 €

Marseille 1 and 2

In general, when I go to a city, it is to stay and live. But those rare times when I visit them as a tourist, my gaze calms down, partially frees itself from torments and bring out almost didactic moments, photographs of places and people.

2019 – Acrylic on wood – 50cm x 30cm – 300 €
2019 – Acrylic on wood – 27,5 cm x 32cm – 200 €

Lost in town

My isolated characters, lost in the cities.
Cities are hostile, repulsive places, all meeting places have a price. And, without money, one remains cut off, isolated from the context. Lost among the private and distant houses.

2018 – Acrylic on canvas – 30cm x 30cm – 250 €