Cin bridge

Rocchetta Nervina

This painting has an incredible story.

Landscape. Ponte Cin. Oil on canvas 40x30cm
Cin Bridge. Oil on canvas. 40 x 30 cm.

This summer, during my open-studio experience in Dolceacqua, I painted the ‘Ponte Cin’, a bridge in Rocchetta, a place I fell in love with at the first sight.

One fine day in late August, two charming French ladies, on a tourist trip from nearby Villefranche, entered the studio. Visibly in a good mood, nice and friendly, we immediately engaged in pleasant artistic discussions.

One of the two ladies, let’s call her Madame S., takes a liking to my view of the Cin bridge. She studies it, observes it in detail, takes it out into the daylight. She ask for an advice about purchasing it to her friend, Madame O., in short, she really likes it.

At the end, Madame S. leaves, telling me that she will reflect on a possible purchase and come back later. But eventually she never did.

Ten days later Madame O. , the friend, contacts me, asking if her friend, Madame S., has finally bought the Ponte Cin.
I answer that, no, I haven’t heard from her since.
Madame O. hesitates few seconds then decides to buy The Bridge as a gift for Madame S., a long-time friend.
We agreed on the details of shipping, and we got along.

The Cin Bridge in a picture of Madame O.
One picture of the Cin bridge took by Madame O.

Coup de theatre, Madame S. calls me a few days after, asking me if the Cin bridge is still available. I have a moment of confusion, but I quickly recover and say: “No, unfortunately it has already been sold…” and inside I giggle because I already know that the Cin bridge painting will soon appear in her future as a gift.

But here begins the journey…. Madame S. lives near Nice, south France, not far from where I am. But Madame O. on the contrary lives in the north of France.
So, on the agreed day, from Nice, I send the Cin Bridge to Madame O. Delivery expected in 48h.

Two days later the painting has still not been delivered. Checking on the tracking app, it appears stuck at the departure warehouse, in Nice. After a week passed, I file a regular complaint to the French postal service.
On her side, Madame O. checks almost daily at the post office in the village where she lives…

A full two weeks more passing, without the painting being delivered, I file a more aggressive complaint, for non-delivered item. I am told by the French Post Service that more researches will be done.
On her front, Madame O. went far to the post office in the next largest city and they confirm that further researches are being done.

As I begin to lose hope, Madame O. begins to regain it. Our exchange of e-mails becomes regular, with news or simply words of comfort. We weave a friendship upon the tracking of the parcel!

And it is at this point that the Miracle happens!

Madame O. during her travel with the painting to deliver
Madame O. en voyage avec le Pont Cin!

One morning, almost a month after the painting was sent and immediately lost, the French Post Office’s Found Parcels Service wrote to me, telling me that they had found a parcel and to call the lost and found service.

In agitation, I phone with my left hand while writing to Madame O. with my right hand! And yes, it is indeed Ponte Cin! The parcel with the painting has been found. The label with the recipient’s name was lost, the service promise me they will deliver it in 2 days.
Actually it took another six days, but it finally made it! And it arrived at Madame O. home sane at safe indeed.
But it was not yet its final destination! Madame O. set off again, first to join her husband and then, finally, deliver the painting!

3756 km the total trip of the painting!

The handmade note of Madame O. about the real lenght of the painting’s journey at the final !

With a really nice gesture Madame O. sent me a small gift and a card with the complete list of the stages of the Ponte Cin journey! What an incredible adventure!

This year 2022, summer, the hottest and the most dry in years. Nine months not raining in Rocchetta region.

Water is missing. Save water, make it an habit.