Il pruno

A landscape is the millions of landscapes I have seen.
Plum Tree - oil on wood - 21cm x 20cm
The Plum Tree. Oil on wood board – 20 x 21 cm
To see is to preserve, to stack one layer on top of the other, hundreds of thousands of images. 

Ugly pics, classic tourists shots, beautiful photographs, one-second or one-hour long shots. All images, every second of the life.

Until one detail sums up all the experiences in a larger one, an image like a graphic word, the famous sense of the universal that we all share, "tutti, i belli e i brutti".

Art is the highest form of democracy.

Only very few of my landscapes are painted full air, and none from pictures, although I save inspirational pictures and I can sometime use them as a fast visual support or reminder.

This Plum Tree, for example, come from the inner world.

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