An interview

Valentina is first and foremost a person I hold in high esteem. A warrior and a resistor. Someone who drew the line of her existence with strength, determination and courage.

A film editor and passionate interviewer of people who stimulate her interest, she proposed me to carry out this interview at the end of the exhibition ‘Mettersi a nudo’. with the idea of deepening the concepts and intentions expressed by this anthological exhibition of her research work over the last 10 years.

Original music by Neysatu

Neysatu, a great international artist of Tunisian origin, living between Paris and London, generously granted me the use of her music.
I chose the song Labess, ‘It’s alright’. From the first time I heard it, in the Parisian years, when Neysatu used to come and play in the garden of the Permanent Festival Committee that I had set up in Montreuil, this poem by Baadia (Neysatu) moved me immensely and for years and even now it often serves as the background to my working hours.